Zephyr’s Odem – Polysyllabic Review

It’s all an Illusion. I grew up with Heavy Metal, ergo this one is very far above the bar. At first I had no idea what was coming to me;
I was very ambivalent.
The title alone, of the first two songs, set my head in confusion mode; who is doing something like this, how did that come up?
In The Beginning” and “A New Beginning“. But I was surprised by the orchestral intro, which I had absolutely not envisaged. The subsequent song “A New Beginning” fits perfectly the intro – now I understand the logic behind the naming. Guitar riffs, drum parts, as well as vocals immediately remind me about Heavy Metal! So almost all points on the Heavy Metal to-do list are checked. The two parts as well as the guitar solos point heavily to Avantasia or Edguy. Each sound is not a warped, it’s not incorrectly used. ILLUSORY show they maintain the beautiful guitar riffs on “Insangel“. The last song though is unfortunately very quietly advised; I mean I’m not sad about it but I would be pleased with a powerful end. The whole album maintains the sound of the band οn each song and provides plenty of variety through powerful, lyrical and melodic parts. For every Iron Maiden, Edguy, Avantasia and/or Gamma Ray, Helloween etc. – fan is a must!

Rating: 8.9 out of 10 points