Third Album Is A Charm

One could easily state that a band is fulfilling their dream when they are ready to release their next album. ILLUSORY has worked hard, putting all the pieces together, preparing their third studio album.
And they did that whilst facing reality. The ups and downs, the rough spots and the fast lanes, the pandemic itself. It was them… the Ivories and their inner circle.

The time has come and the group of six is about to hand down the successor of “Polysyllabic“, their third step following “The Ivory Tower“. With a tracklist of strong versatile thematics, with a considerable amount of accumulated experience and their own aesthetic in composing and performing, the boys have arrived once again. The new album is wrapped up; the new album will hit the Heavy Metal world with quite a few musical stories.

The art-cover is a bit blur now, but it will be cleared out soon. All will be revealed… and Shine On eventually!

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