The band was founded in 1992 by two friends who used to jam on top of their building. Armed with enthusiasm, desire and most of all, love for music, they decided to pursue what every teenager at the time was dreaming of, so they formed a band to play their beloved Heavy Metal sounds. The band’s hometown, Moschato Greece, is utterly well-known for its fine wine; although wine hasn’t been produced in years, the vines are still haunting the city itself, namewise. Thus, like good wine, “Ivory Tower” was maturing nicely, obtaining a better taste by the day, the month, the year.

Constant rehearsing, composing and live gigs. Excitement, tension, a lot of sweat in the middle and the first song bouquet is ready to be served. Come June 2008, the sextet is opening for legendary Blue Oyster Cult, at a fantastic open air venue in Athens. Gig was an absolute bliss, headliners did actually pay attention to the Greek youngsters and a whole new chapter was added in the existing band history.

The Ivory Tower” (mixed and mastered in Germany, Mystic Studios and R.D. Liapakis & Christian Schmid) was released in May 2013 via The Leaders Records in Europe and the rest of the world. The Japanese edition hit the Land of the Rising Sun in August 2013 (special artwork featuring the OBI). First edition of the album was sold out and the news brought tons of enthusiasm to the band members as well as the fans. The band has played quite a few shows throughout Greece.

Over the course of time, the “Ivories” (members’ fav nickname) managed to attract the attention of German label 7hard/7us media group. The contracts were signed and the sophomore album, entitled “Polysyllabic” was released in November 2016. Recorded at their own studio – the iCave by Dee “” Theodorou. “Polysyllabic” was produced by Yiannis Petroyiannis & Dee “” Theodorou, mixed and mastered at the Matrix Studios Athens by Yiannis Petroyiannis.

Polysyllabic” became the sonic vehicle which carried the ILLUSORY sound further and prepared the way for a breakthrough release. Thus, the supersonic vehicle made a number of stops in Greece, featuring a few cities live-wise. Then the band was selected for a concert to remember. ILLUSORY got to open for the legendary Geoff Tate, the voice of Queensryche for over thirty years and his Operation: Mindcrime saga. February 2019 and the boys played an amazing show in Athens, at a sold-out venue and confirmed they can totally deliver.

2021 finds the band ready to release their third album. Featuring a brand new deal with one of the most up and coming as well as promising labels, Rockshots Records, the “Ivories” are about to hit the Heavy Metal world in 2021 with “Crimson Wreath“, with the same people participating and the same studios involved. You can’t do any substitutions when your team is constantly winning. You simply continue!

Shine On The Ivories!