Spring Tour 2015 is Over!

The Livething is over! Till the next Live of course! Fine inhabitants of The Ivory Tower, our most recent journey, of many wonderful journeys to come, reached its destination last Sunday night. We played our last show for the Spring Tour 2015 and we are getting back to the iCave studio, to wrap up our sophomore album! We have listened to numerous voices and read even more comments that it was a night to remember at the Remedy Live Club. Along with two magnificent bands, Erase and Achelous, we managed to make our guests enjoy METAL more and more and become family at the end of the day (the very next day, to be exact!). Now that we return to our studio obligations, we think it’s only right to thank all the amazing peeps that we worked with, during these spectacular four months. All the bands we played with, during those shows and festivals, everybody that helped soundwise and stagewise, all the people that supported the events via magazines (print and web – it’s the EXACT same you know), radio stations and social media in general and especially all the fans attending and having a good time throughout the shows and everyone that still believes in us and our ability to create melodies which can be your guide and means to a better place. We will keep on dreaming, composing and playing and we have no one else but you to thank.

Shine On!