RockFist – Polysyllabic Review

Greek band ILLUSORY have released their album entitled “Polysyllabic” through German label 7hard/7us Media Group. The album contains 13 songs and various guests from other Greek bands (Innerwish, Sunlight, etc.), as well as the Voice Box choir. By listening to the album and from the first moments of it, one can easily assume what is going to happen. “Polysyllabic” kicks off with the ideal intro “In The Beginning…“, which could be part of a movie soundtrack. Then enters the dynamic-riffy “…A New Beginning“, which is the best continuation of that intro. “Bleak“, “Dreamshade” and “Odd-Y-Sea” follow and these songs are my most favorite on the album. High freq vocals, characteristic vocal lines and full composition-wise. I caught myself singing these songs when I was waking up or during the day. “Odd-Y-Sea” is the Official Lyric Video off the album, being an exceptional piece of work. “Insangel” comes next; a song that lifts you off with its speed, its guitar riffs and killing drums! I really liked the “calmness” following the second chorus, where the guitar solo enters; it gave a special something to the song. “Polysyllabic Thoughts” … A song with effects, lots of changes, faster here, slower there… Maybe the song with the most epic ingredients yet the band seems to totally own it. “Last Fallen Angel“. I don’t think that there is anybody who will listen to it and won’t get stuck with the chorus or won’t bang his head to the grooving rhythms of the song. Next one is “The Eyes Of Hades“. It begins with an intro more than a minute long and at a point where one expects to listen to a song within the known composing paths of the band, you get hit by a special chorus with backing vocals a fan awaits to listen to. “Solitary Nomad” impressed me with the vast number of special melodies the band can use. At first I was not that intrigued and at the end I was far from disappointed. The song features some amazing melodies and parts that you listen to with a bit of nostalgia I would add. We are closing to the end of the album, with “One Sad Moment Of Existence” and “System’s Decay“. Songs that also carry the seal of ILLUSORY. Having listened to the album, you can identify the band by their composing style and characteristic sound. “Polysyllabic” ends with ten minute long “Swan Song“, which simply includes everything; it’s the ideal way to wrap up this album. Although the album is longer than 70 minutes, one can listen to it with big pleasure. It’s dominated by guitars, artful drumming and beautiful vocal lines. Production is fine, yet I’d rather listen to less treble and more drums. I’d say that ILLUSORY are one of the best Greek bands and deserve everyone’s attention and support.

Makis Kaponis