Rock Overdose – Polysyllabic Review

On November 11 ILLUSORY presented their new album, their sophomore, entitled “Polysyllabic“. It’s their second full length album, featuring 13 new songs, released by 7hard Records.

Exceptional changes, from Progressive to Power Metal melodies and a generally intense melodic element, whilst the songs constantly keep the listener inside the loop. The band’s evolution and improvement are obvious, in comparison with their debut, “The Ivory Tower“, which also was a very good release. We spot influences by Queensryche, regarding songs changes, from powerful to melodic parts, whilst, during twin guitar themes, Iron Maiden comes to mind, with no effect to the band’s identity though and this is where the voice steps in; its unique color and performance do not ring any bell. I would have chosen “Dreamshade” as my favorite song, also distinguishing “Odd-Y-Sea“, which has become the album’s first lyric video, “Ιnsangel“, “The Eyes Of Hades” and “System’s Decay“.

Guest musicians have done an excellent job (check the “Polysyllabic” album booklet), vocal-wise and instrument-wise. A very special credit should be given to the Voice Box choir team; they have added immensely with their choral parts. It’s an exceptional album, we all should pay attention to it and buy it; I consider it one of the best albums of 2016.

We do wish for success and look forward to listening to “Polysyllabic” Live.

Grade: 80/100
For Rock Overdose
Thodoris Martinis