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by reckoninghour

ILLUSORY is another Greek band we should pay attention to. Wewillpresentyou with their album ”The Ivory Tower”, which was released in 2013 via “The Leaders Records”.

ILLUSORY kicked off in 1992; they have played quite a few live shows through those years and released a promo album and their debut, ”The Ivory Tower”.

The album contains ten songs and features a banquet of sounds. Vocals are beautiful and sometimes you believe you are listening to a power metal singer (some people might object to that, truth is though that the voice is very good!), guitars, bass and drums are giving a pure and beloved Heavy Metal sound, whilst keyboards or some special melody will guide you to symphonic paths.

The combination of the above is incredible and, in my humble opinion, the album is a big success!

Lyrically, the album is a concept one; the band has named the libretto as ”The Utopian Story”, starring Steven Towers, a person full of dreams and ambition. A truly interesting story, which is evolving through the songs.

Asaconclusion, “The Ivory Tower” isan original and well crafted bouquet, giving a point of interest to those loving concept albums.

For Reckoninghour,
Petros Mp.

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