Polysyllabic Pre-Listening Session: Our thank you notes

It’s part of history now…
The journalists came, saw, listened to “Polysyllabic” in its entirety and they will leave their comments prior to their review, after receiving their promo copy of course. It was a pleasure and a true honor to have you, each and every one of you. Thank you for taking the time to visit us, to listen to the album, to be with us on that Sunday afternoon. We do hope you had a good time and we wish to see you soon at the Release Party on November 11 at The CROW CLUB. Many thanks to the Matrix Recording Studio Athens for their hospitality, our sound engineer and co-producer Yiannis Petroyiannis for being with us the whole time and our tireless photographer Emanon Photography for capturing the moments. We are all so grateful for your support.
Shine On!