Polysyllabic Live

Dear All,
Following the release of our sophomore album, titled “Polysyllabic“, on November 11, 2016 via 7hard and its presentation at “The Crow Club“, we began scheduling our live shows. On March 11, 2017, we will be expecting you all at the very same place, “The Crow Club”, to present our songs, this time Live. It will be a night filled with “Polysyllabic“, whilst we will naturally honor our debut, “The Ivory Tower“. And yes, we will have some surprises for you as well. We can now share with you that the amazing choir Voice Box will be also there. Our guests for the night, the fantastic Greek band Galliard Syndrome, will be opening for us. Rest assure that you will be notified for every move we make, when everything is totally confirmed. We’ll see you on the second Saturday of March 2017.
Till then, Shine On!