Polysyllabic is Released!

"POLYSYLLABIC" (2016) - 7hard Records
“POLYSYLLABIC” (2016) – 7hard Records

Dear all,

It’s November 11. The day has finally come! “Polysyllabic” is out! Our sophomore album hit the market today and it’s for all of you to listen to and give us your valuable feedback. The second ILLUSORY album is released via 7hard 7us Media Group and it contains 13 songs plus a little “surprise” for you. “Polysyllabic” is a Heavy Metal album, with Progressive edges and a certain sound, pointing to fresh, modern and classic Metal.

Polysyllabic” was recorded at ILLUSORY‘s own studio, the iCave, in Athens. Production, mixing and mastering took place at the Matrix Studio in Athens.

1. In The Beginning…
2. …A New Beginning
3. Bleak
4. Dreamshade
5. Odd-Y-Sea
6. Insangel
7. Polysyllabic Thoughts
8. Last Fallen Angel
9. The Eyes Of Hades
10. Solitary Nomad
11. One Sad Moment Of Existence
12. System’s Decay
13. Swan Song

The Band:
Dee Theodorou: Vocals
George Papantonis: Guitars
Gregory Bakos: Guitars
George Konstantakelos: Keyboards & Guitars
Niki Danos: Bass
Costas Koulis: Drums

Odd-Y-Sea (Official Lyric Video)

Produced by Yiannis Petroyiannis and Dee “K.man” Theodorou
Recorded and edited at the iCave Studio by Dee “K.man” Theodorou
Engineered by Dee “K.man” Theodorou and Yiannis Petroyiannis
Assistant Engineer: Marios Pavlou
Mixed and mastered by Yiannis Petroyiannis at the Matrix Studios
Art cover designed by Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris
Design / layout by Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris
Additional artwork for the Lyrics page and the Lyric Video by Manos Psakis
Photography by Emanon Photography

You can order your copy now at Amazon.com, iTunes and qobuz.
You can also purchase your copy via email order!

Shine On!