Polysyllabic is complete!

End of dream-ride and beginning of the very next one.
A very special message from the band follows up.

The “Polysyllabic” album is ready! After all these man-hours of creating, composing, recording and processing, our sophomore album is all wrapped up, waiting for its maiden voyage. A magnificent journey has come to its destination and now we are off to our next trip. The one in order to make this album get everywhere… all the way to anywhere! The Ivories, all the six of us, are purely ecstatic about “Polysyllabic”. We really put so much effort into it, we gave all our love and inspiration and knowledge and technique for this album, that we couldn’t help but get really emotional when we realized that it was all set and that there was nothing else left to do. Everything was fulfilled, everything was in place and order. Naturally we couldn’t have done all that without a little help from our friends. They came, they saw, they partook and they conquered out hearts and souls with their dedication; we feel we owe a lot to all of them. Each and every one of these amazing persons has contributed a great deal and the result of this contribution will be in your hands soon. Hats off to our companions for all these months! The Matrix Studios and our sound engineer and producer Yiannis Petroyiannis as well as our assistant sound engineer Marios Pavlou. Hats off to our guest musicians! George Eikosipentakis, Dimitris Giannakopoulos, Minas Notaras, Thimios Krikos, George Rallis, Alexandros Roumeliotis, Athanasios Lazarou, George Papadakis and the mighty VoiceBox aka Margarita Papadimitriou, Youla Gagadeli, Niki Laloutsi, Vassia Loi, Nefeli Beri, Antonia Despouli, Dimitra Kollia, Rodoula Zorba, Thanos Nikolopoulos, Lampros Papageorgiou, Stavros Zouliatis, Antonis Dimou, Romanos Papadimitriou, Nikos Tsachalinas. Hats off to our unbelievably amazing crew! Our artwork and cover art illustrator Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris, our photographer Emanon, our make-up artist Helena Theodorou. As we move towards our next challenge, as we walk down the path of delivering the goods, we only have one thing in mind. To make “Polysyllabic” reach all of you out there. The days ahead will be filled with our entrepreneurial moves, involving the album set-up, the label “technicalities” and the threshold to universal release. Another most interesting adventure, wouldn’t you think? We do hope we will have your full support on that one as well. In the meantime… Shine On! We will keep you fully posted. Polysyllabic is the word! Cheers from Dee, George, Greg, George, Niki and Costas!