“The Ivory Tower” Anniversary / Reissue

It was a Tuesday back then, it’s a Tuesday today as well. May 14, 2013 and “The Ivory Tower“, ILLUSORY’s debut album, was hitting the markets of the world. The band formerly known as The Ivory Tower, was now watching their brand new name to escort their initial sonic attempt, whilst the name they always cherished was the title of that very work. A few days later, the album release party was taking place, somewhere in Athens. A truly amazing experience for the band members… back then…

Fast forward, eleven years later. Via their debut, ILLUSORY celebrate their will and aim, to keep recording and playing. They already are in the process of handling the “Crimson Wreath” successor, they are getting ready for new concerts and they do have a bunch of news which they are eager to share with their fans, in due time. All those who trusted their albums over the years.

In 2023, celebrating their tenth anniversary, ILLUSORY collaborated with Metal Throne Records, re-releasing the album, also featuring two bonus tracks from the 2006 “Promo Version”. Due to the fact that their first album was sold out for a long period of time, this rerelease made a lot of people happy, as they were finally able to obtain the album.

Most recently, American journalist Jay Roberts, a person who has never stopped showing his musical affection towards the Ivories, wrote a truly touching review on “The Ivory Tower“. “Frozen fears inside these walls… frozen fears inside my walls“. ILLUSORY invite each and every one of you to remember, reminisce or even learn about “The Ivory Tower“.

Have a great re-listening and Shine On The Ivories!

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