Official Announcement!

ILLUSORY: Official announcement for the MODU venue issue

It came to the band’s attention today, December 10, 2017, via media, that a certain concert was held at the MODU venue, located in Athens, Greece (Kolonou 76 str), on December 1, 2017, featuring fascist regime bands. This specific venue has been announced as the host of the ILLUSORY / ARRAYAN PATH concert, scheduled for March 10, 2018. The ILLUSORY / ARRAYAN PATH concert was announced on November 5, 2017.

Concerning the incident occurred on December 1, 2017 and all respective published news and aspects about it, it is imperative to point out and make absolutely crystal clear that ILLUSORY are utterly, completely and fundamentally opposed to any form of racism, fascism and fanatic extremities in general. Furthermore, for this matter, the band reserves all their rights, awaiting MODU’s official statement.