Odd-Y-Sea – Official Music Video

Dearest inhabitants of the Ivory Tower, friends and collaborators. With the third album wrapping up, with respective rehearsals having started already – as the band wants to look good for you livewise and stagewise – and taking all necessary precautions because of the pandemic (we STAY safe), the Ivories thought it was only right to keep everyone on their feet.

Since they’ve got plenty of footage and they would gladly share it with you, how about another treat? This one is “Odd-Y-Sea“, off the boys’ sophomore album, “Polysyllabic“, coming from their February 2019 live appearance, alongside Mr. Geoff Tate and his Operation: Mindcrime band, LiVE at the Gagarin 205 Club in Athens. Prior to the “Polysyllabic” release, back in the day, this song hit the speakers and the earphones as the first (lyric) video and made a Metal impact, to say the least.

Naturally there’s more to come and naturally the third album is on the verge. Thus, sit back, watch the video, enjoy, rest assure your huge input is always valued and appreciated and remember to remain healthy and Shine On!