Polysyllabic Release Party!

Dearest friends,
The time has finally come! “Polysyllabic” is alive and kicking and the release date is set for November 11. A release party is in order and what better date to choose than the actual release date? Thus on November 11 you will be able to purchase the album via Net and later that night you can all attend our release party at The CROW CLUB, you can all come by and say hello, you can all listen to “Polysyllabic” in its entirety. We will be there, too, all six of us, hanging out with you, being your designated guides in that voyage. So, save the date for 1111 and feel free to be part of our latest adventure. Thank you in advance, see you all at the Crow, Shine On!

More information at the Official Illusory Facebook Page

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