MetalZone – Polysyllabic Review

MetalZone - Polysyllabic ReviewPolysyllabic” is the title of the second album by the Athenian metallers ILLUSORY. Our initial research-listening session is showing the band’s intention to continue from where they left off (their debut). However, whilst direction seems to be the same, ILLUSORY have moved on, regarding all other levels. Compositions are highly sophisticated and production & mixing (took place at the Matrix Studios) are ideally showing the band’s amazing work. Total album duration over seventy minutes, songs which don’t follow just one specific pattern, thus the outcome is by far not monotonous. It’s a very important asset of that album that there are no fillers, which is essential for an album of that magnitude. Personally, after the very first listening sessions, I have spotted and distinguished “Polysyllabic Thoughts” and “Odd-Y-Sea” (what an incredible pun) as the most powerful songs of this album. Apart from the composing progress, there are many innovations and experimentations which add this variety we listen to. There are classic organs and many guests (Thimios Krikos and George Eikosipentakis from InnerWish, George Papadakis on laouto, Thanasis Lazarou on cello, etc.) and choral parts by the VoiceBox choir. “Polysyllabic” is the strong step ahead by ILLUSORY, after their debut; it is showing their potential and it definitely is one of the best moments of Greek Metal for 2016.

Gerasimos Douros