Metal Hammer, Greece – Polysyllabic Review

Metal Hammer Greece - Polysyllabic Review


We’ve lost counting with the quality releases of the Greek Metal scene this year as well. It’s practically their third album, as they had attracted our attention concerning their discography, about ten years ago, under the name of The Ivory Tower, before changing their name to ILLUSORY and releasing one more album. The one thing that has never changed though, is their epic heavy vision which forms their sounding roots, having many common music elements with Dark Nightmare. I would say that the band from Athens is one of the most qualified in technique bands in the country. Yet they don’t miss a thing in aesthetic, atmosphere and attitude. Whilst listening to the album, there were many times which reminded me of Jag Panzer (of the “Thane To The Throne” era) as well as Virgin Steel’s expressionism and they also made me retrace Savatage. Production is contributing to the emphasizing of the band’s virtues, which one could state they are many, especially guitar-wise. Dee Theodorou’s vocals are the most suitable ones to support the whole content. And yes, you must have tons of talent to compose a song the likes of “Swan Song”.

Kostas Lyros