Marios needs our HELP!

Marios from Thessaloniki, Greece, is about to be operated and he needs all the money, all the love, all the help he can get. is running a radiothon, in order to collect and all you have to do is say yes and make the difference. From our side we have joined this noble cause, along with the other bands from Greece, offering albums, DVDs and T-shirts for raising as much money as we can. You can order anything you want and let know about your choice. There is also an account held in Piraeus Bank, open for all those who want to contribute. Let’s try for the best and make our lil’ friend Marios shine on and on! A huge thank you to all of you, straight from the heart!

Piraeus Bank Account: GR02 0171 1730 0061 7313 7616 207 BIC: PIRBGRAA