Legacy – Polysyllabic Review

Genre: Power Metal

With their debut album “The Ivory Tower“, three years ago, metallers ILLUSORY convinced the metal fans about Greek power. Being around for 21 years, it was something faster this time.
The quality of the material did not diminish. The Greeks are always deep in the (European) power metal of the late 80s/early 90s roots and sound so, it’s what many Blind Guardian fans would like to listen to today.
All songs go far beyond the “usual” playing time of a song. “Dreamshade” further risks and “Swan Song” match up the ten-minute mark (or exceeds these even). What finally makes “Polysyllabic” a good album, that makes it through the tension, is that ILLUSORY pull the entire album through.
It’s the work they’ve done, despite its rather long game time. It’s consistently fun and you look forward to the hymnal choruses. Dee Theodorou’s strong singing voice carries out the whole thing. He always leads the listener through the individual passages, swivel and pivot. The six gentlemen present an album, as a work, similar to their debut, completely innocent and fresh. Everything is smoothly ironed smooth to the last corner and a terms change is designed through.
Those into traditional Power Metal will get a first-class album here! (MAST)

13 points