The road begins where another one will end…

Maybe these words are the most appropriate ones to describe the following. A fragment of time which can not and will not be forgotten.

Niki Danos was one of us, when we entered the ILLUSORY era, back in 2012. A great bass player and truly one of the good guys, who became an essential part of the band’s evolution. Niki has recently told us that he could not continue as a member of the Ivories. Naturally we talked it over, shook hands – just like all good friends would do – and we all wish Niki nothing but the best, concerning his future endeavors.

Our “next” bassist is actually a “previous” one. John Kiousis used to be one of the Ivories since 2007. The band was called The Ivory Tower back then and John was one of the six who opened for Blue Oyster Cult in June 2008, in a legendary concert filled with images and music of grandiose magnitude. John later followed a different path; he formed his own band, he composed, recorded and played live. All those years though, he was always close to us, and he’d most often come to our events, to say hello and hang out. When the spot got open, we did not think twice about it. We met up with John, we got into iCave, our studio, we jammed and were all emotionally overwhelmed.

John Kiousis is the new ILLUSORY bass guitarist. Welcome back again, John!

Shine On The Ivories!