ILLUSORY Live with Spitfire and Disharmony

ILLUSORY LiVE: Alongside Spitfire and Disharmony

The Ivories will be joining on stage the mighty multilayered band Disharmony as well as legendary Spitfire, one of the bands that actually led the way in Rock and Metal music in Greece through the years. Being pioneers in what they do, Spitfire have always been a vivid inspiration for every band entering the world of Rock/Metal in the land the gods. The boys are simply thrilled to share the stage with an utterly phenomenal group such as Disharmony and Spitfire, the ultimate cult band in the country. The gig @ Kyttaro Live Club will immensely prove that maximum quality results are achieved when maximum quality bands join forces. Come December 15, Kyttaro Live Club will feature three massive live acts and all fans attending should be ready for a night to remember and probably requested to repeat itself.

“Lead me on, my way” might be the most appropriate phrase to synopsize this grand gathering.

Be there and Shine On! Your way!