ILLUSORY Live @ Star Wars Day: May the Thanks be with you!

Star Wars Day @ Architektoniki, Athens: May the Thanks be with you!

The buzz is still here and the Ivories will not forget about it. A fantastic event, a night to remember, an awesome crowd! Thank you so much for attending, thank you so much for being there with us, thank you for your love and support. Huge shout outs go to Lampros Orphanopoulos (or is it Lampros Sith, mate?)and Street Production for trusting us with the slot, our most amazing choir, Voice Box, for their stellar performance and contribution and naturally Miss Margarita Papadimitriou for lending her beautiful voice in two of our songs, “Odd-Y-Sea” and “Anywhere“. Truly Polysyllabic shout outs go to Foberos Mpompiras for being with us on stage once again, making “Pale Moonlight” a seismic Metal hymn and a good cause for headbanging.

We will be back soon. Stay tuned and Shine On!