Greek Rebels – Polysyllabic Review

We had to wait for three years for the new album by the Athenian band ILLUSORY and the band did their best to not let their fans down, duration-wise. The total duration of the album is over one hour ten minutes for 13 songs.
The band was productive, regarding the composing sessions of “Polysyllabic“, yet is duration in accordance with the final result? To reply with a prompt answer, we would say yes and no. The only certain thing is that the band has evolved a lot, comparing it with “The Ivory Tower” and this is about the composing level and each member separately. When it comes down to music, I don’t think you have expected something different than songs inspired by Accept and Saxon, although ILLUSORY take that issue a step further. Many time they mention bands like Savatage, Queensryche and Jag Panzer. Nevertheless, prog elements and “weird” rhythms and rhythm “breaks” are more than obvious. The truth is I was a bit puzzled when I listened to “Odd-Y-Sea“, which we viewed before the album was released, yet, after a few sessions, I can say it is very satisfying. From that point onwards I spotted an inequality; there are these very good moments, there are also songs, which could have been skipped, in my humble opinion. Like “Last Fallen Angel” or the opener “…A New Beginning“, songs which are not bad, however, no one can distinguish something amazing in melodies or riff-wise. The amazing thing happens in more Metal songs, the likes of “Insangel” or “Bleak“, where melodies and riffs stand out. However, where ILLUSORY win the bet is the set of compositions which bring Savatage into mind. Atmospheric moments are plenty – as well as melodic riffing – on “Polysyllabic Thoughts“, “Dreamshade” (which reminded me of “Streets”), on darkened “Solitary Nomad“, featuring oriental elements, on prog-gy “System’s Decay” and ten minutes long “Swan Song“, where one can listen to the complete sonic spectra of ILLUSORY.
What is most impressive is the really good technique of the band; the band is supporting their ideas and different styles which they introduce, composing-wise and tech-wise. A very special mention should be given to singer Dee Theodorou, whose unique voice color and melodies beautifully wrap the songs around, bringing to mind Tobias Sammet, Jon Oliva or… just Dee Theodorou. What more could be done in my opinion? Production could have been better, brining guitars in front more, as Dee Theodorou’s voice covers up everything sometimes, whilst other times it just leaves the songs empty. He could also follow a more commercial voice on songs like “Insangel” and “Odd-Y-Sea” and the songs durations; some of them seem a bit stretched out. Other than that, ILLUSORY show that they can evolve even more and release even better albums in the future. Surely “Polysyllabic” is not a bad album; it’s an album that classic metal fans (and other fans, too) will listen to and enjoy most of its moments. We expect more by this band in the future; for now on, we enjoy “Polysyllabic“.

7/10 Dimitris Stavros