George Konstantakelos has stepped down

After thirteen amazing years of constant presence, album-making, live appearances, consistency and – above all – pure love for the Ivories, George Konstantakelos, our keyboardist, is no longer with us; he won’t be onboard for our music journeys to come… George, under the burden of numerous important obligations, could not find the time to remain an active member, the way he used to, the way he wanted to. Surely, we do not belong to the type of people who look forward to make mellow and maudlin announcements, however, in George’s case, it just can not be otherwise. He will always be a great friend, a superb musician and a truly marvelous person. We do thank him for all the things he gave us and did for us, we wish him nothing but the best for his future endeavors from our very hearts and we shall always be close to him.

To us… for the rest of us, George has never stepped down!