Dreamshading the Radio: ILLUSORY Interview @ X Rock & Metal

The Dreamshade series of interview is getting on fire! It’s time for the mighty X Rock & Metal show, hosted by George Karides and Eirini Dedepsidou. Save the day and make sure to tune in. Friday, June 2, 22:00 – 24:00 (Greek time) @ Kanali Ena 90,4 FM Radio. Dee, the voice of ILLUSORY and director Maria Chatzigianni, the creator of the “Dreamshade” video clip, will talk about the “Action”, “Cut”, “That’s a wrap” and a whole lot more about the video, the gigs to come, the band and the vision of “Polysyllabic“, not to mention the procedures for its successor. Plus… to wrap the whole thing up… An acoustic session will follow. X marks the spot? Well, in the ILLUSORY world X Rock & Metal show proudly does!

Whatever betide… Shine On!