DREAMSHADE is in the finals of London’s Music Video Festival

ILLUSORY: “Dreamshade” is now a London Music Video Festival finalist!

It was after that initial meeting regarding the video we wanted to do for our song “Dreamshade” off the “Polysyllabic” album. We simply looked at each other and said just this one little phrase. “And we are about to do what”?

Almost thirty months later, this video alone is travelling to London and the LMVF festival. “Dreamshade” is part of the finals now. Come the first day of July, we will all have the pleasure and the honor to see our own brainchild compete with the rest of the chosen ones.

Naturally, at this point, congratulations are in order. Congrats to our director, Maria Chatzigianni (aka M-Word), the amazingly talented girl, who attended that meeting with enthusiasm and love; congrats to her unique team as well! As for Dimitris Alexandris, the very starring hero of our souls… This gentleman is beyond words and descriptions. Thank you so much for your support, we shall revert this Summer!

Very Special Appearance by Dimitris Alexandris
Actors: Deos Giannis, Gerodidakis Giorgos, Kamani Maria, Karamani Kalliopi, Linya Eldar Ioanna, Minas Notaras, Papadimitriou Tolis, Stefanouri Eleftheria, Tsana Lia, Voutsina Lina
Voice Box: Antonia Despouli, Antonis Dimou, Yioula Gagadeli, Margarita Papadimitriou, Nefeli Beri, Nikos Tsachalinas, Romanos Papadimitriou

Cello by Athanasios Lazarou

Directed by Maria Chatzigianni aka M-word
Produced by M-word
D.O.P.: Efthymiou Michail aka M-word
Gimbal Operator: Markellos Plakitsis
2nd Camera: Vaios Roupis
Art Director: Nikos Argyriadis Tselepis
1st Assistant Director: Nikoleta Pantsidou
2nd Assistant Director: Eleftheria Stefanouri
3rd Assistant Director: Kalliopi Karamani
Behind the scenes video: Dimitris Trifonidis
Hair and Make-up: Helena Theodorou
Wardrobe by Costumier

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