Crossfire – Polysyllabic Review

Founded in 1992, the Greek Heavy Metal Band ILLUSORY can already look back accordingly on approximately twenty-five years of band history. After the renaming of Blessed Death to Ivory Tower (similar name with a German band) up to ILLUSORY, to stomp their second full length from the ground “Polysyllabic“. This symphonic, gloomy intro “In The Beginning…” goes to the hook opener “… A New Beginning“, about to play the progressive side, especially in the instrumental part. After the somewhat meaner “Bleak“, they are putting an exclamation point with the atmospheric and dramatic beginning of “Dreamshade“, before the rhythmic “Odd -Y-Sea” scores with an accessible chorus. The galloping “Insangel” will be leading to the pounding “Polysyllabic Thoughts” before “Last Fallen Angel” exudes a lightly oriental touch. “The Eyes Of Hades” is waiting with nasal chanting and minting guitars. Crunchy riffs in “Solitary Nomad” and then the groovy “One Sad Moment Of Existence” is slapped down. The driving “System’s Decay” ultimately paved the way for the ten minutes epic “Swan Song” and thus makes the lid on a varied and successful piece of work, but without an outstanding exception title.

Rating: 8 out of 10 points
Author: Markus Peters