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Live @ Under The Quarry Festival

September 11, 2022 – Live @ Under The Quarry Festival

The Ivories will return to the Under The Quarry Metal Fest.
It was 2017 when ILLUSORY were invited to participate and share the stage with a great number of even greater Greek bands. Five years later the boys are back, playing in a wonderful place and sharing the stage with many spending bands. ILLUSORY are elated about the festival and simply can’t wait to relive the feeling. See you all in September!

Live @ Hermoupolis Indie Rock Festival – Syros

August 6, 2022 – Live @ Hermoupolis Indie Rock Festival – Syros

ILLUSORY will perform on the second day of the 13 Indie Rock Festival, held in the wonderful island of Syros in Greece. Come Saturday August 6, the time will be live o’ clock for the Ivories and the amazing Greek bands sharing the stage. Yet, the festival starts on August 5, so you might want to watch both days. The boys are simply thrilled, as they will present the songs off their third album, “Crimson_Wreath“, live on stage.


It is with great pleasure to announce that in collaboration with Legions Fanzine team, our albums “The Ivory Tower” and “Crimson Wreath” will also be released on cassette tape, for the very first time ever! Each cassette release will feature 50 numbered copies.

Official release date is set for June 15.
You can all preorder your own copy by sending a message to ILLUSORY Facebook Page,

Our sophomore album “Polysyllabic” will soon be released on cassette tape as well and make sure you stay tuned, because more announcements are on their way, always in collaboration with Legions Fanzine!

Shine On The Ivories!

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ILLUSORY: “Inside the Ivories’ Tower” Video Documentary

Started almost thirty years ago… Went through changes. And still happening. Three albums and a respectable number of live shows. At the end of the day, six guys and a wonderful journey.

Alexander Haritakis and SingLoud TV had an idea. Shooting everyday lives led by normal people, who become a music fellowship once entering their own studio, the iCave; their refuge, their hideaway, practically their second home.

ILLUSORY is actually a bunch of souls, creating songs whilst appreciating their own co-existence. It’s a heartfelt rockumentary about the past and the present of the future. How it all began, how it’s going, how it will be. And then, a simple phrase and a warm motto.

Shine On The Ivories!

Directed, shot and edited by Alexander Haritakis


No one knows how tough, how rough and demanding an album making procedure can be, apart from the band itself of course. ILLUSORY have released their third album, “Crimson Wreath”, on May 21 via Rockshots Records and this is your official guide to the depths of the unknown. The ideas, the brainstorming, the tension, the arguments, the recordings, the final touch. iCave and Matrix studios, the Ivories and a bunch of wonderful guests. The agony, the fun, the pleasure of the birth of a record. A labor of love transcribed into 78 minutes of music by a Heavy Metal band deeply respecting its roots.

The band started working on the album in November 2017. The previous year was truly busy, with the release of their sophomore album, “Polysyllabic” and their live obligations. The members remember: “We started with the drums sessions, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for a period of four weeks. New ideas appeared, new things were happening, enthusiasm was touching the roof. It was a new beginning… again”.

During this video, the Ivories are sharing their beliefs about the album, their sound, their general view about music; especially Heavy Metal music nowadays. The boys are talking about their musical relationship as well as their friendship and the whole ILLUSORY fellowship. They also reveal studio stories and how things evolved during “Crimson Wreath” recordings and they even publish bits and pieces from that creative procedure era. The band wishes to work “out of the box”. Naturally they are taking the high road and naturally this album is the solid proof regarding their selection. It can be described as a journey to the Ivory Tower itself. Or, as the band likes to say, a journey to the Ivories’ Tower…

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