Breakout Magazine – Polysyllabic Review

It is not always good news from Greece; the financial crisis is one of the most negatively known issues, and hopefully it will be developed quickly to the positive. In addition, the country is naturally due to sines tourism, international acquaintances (ouzo or Retsina-wine) are known here, but also because of its music, and it’s not the music of the learners like Vicky Leandros or Nana Mouskouri, but also rock and Heavy Metal. The latter genre is to assign the music of the group ILLUSORY metallic rocking, always Melodic! Originally based in 1992, some line-up and name change followed over the years, but now the formation stands and is ready to conquer Europe. This is best to implement with a new album, then the Greeks also thought, so no money was spared and recorded new album “Polysyllabic”. The metalheads expect 14 songs (including introduction), which all, more or less, rock the way to the ears. We recommend “… A New Beginning“,” System’s Decay” and the over ten minutes long, epic “Swan Song“. Stylistically as well as vocally, ILLUSORY remind me of the German band Axxis. If you like melodically rocking metal, you should always take an album like that!