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“ASHES II DUST” (Official Performance Video)

During editing, the idea just popped up. “One day we must revisit this material and make a performance video out of it”. The Ivories kept the thought. The “Ashes To Dust” video became a cinematic extravaganza, reaching nearly eighty thousand views.

Almost two and a half years later, ILLUSORY reopen the box and create this all-performance “bleu” video, as a goodbye and thank you to their most recent album, “Crimson Wreath”, whilst enjoying studio sessions for their next discographic attacks.

Director: Maria Chatzigianni aka M-Word
Cinematography – DOP: Markellos Plakitsis
Assistant Director – Kinesiology: Ioanna Korina Palaska
Wardrobe: Despina Chimona
Hair and Make-up: Elena Theodorou
Production Assistant: Kalliopi Karamani
Backstage Photographs: Cristina Alossi
The narrator: Grigoris Valtinos
The fable: Deedinos Theodorou

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ILLUSORY – “The Ivory Tower” – 10 Years Anniversary LiVE

ILLUSORY – “The Ivory Tower” – 10 Years Anniversary LiVE

ILLUSORY’s debut album was released in May 2013 and
being performed live in its entirety is one of Ivories’ most
fulfilling and beloved projects. It’s a concept record, it’s a story,
which many people find it moving and unique and there is no
better way to celebrate these ten years of existence of “The
Ivory Tower
”, than play the whole album itself… and not only
that. Furthermore, the band is celebrating in its birthplace, the
city of Moschato, Greece.

Following the recordings of their new album, ILLUSORY once
again visited their own studio, iCave, to prepare for this special
occasion. Not only will they play their first album songs, but
they also have their mind set for quite a few more surprise.
Additionally, in collaboration with Metal Throne Record
, this album is finally rereleased, featuring all original
artwork and two bonus tracks.

Disillusive Play will also appear, as ILLUSORY’s special
guests that night. This exceptional band from Athens has
released their sophomore album last June, entitled “Songs For
The Non-Existent
”, via Wormholedeath Records, and played
numerous live shows in Greece and abroad (Balkan Metal
Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, Metal Solidarity II in Greece, just to
name a few).

Saturday, January 13, 2024
Level 69 Live Studio
69, Solomou Str., Moschato, Greece, tel. +30-210-4826969

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ALIVE IN A CRIMSON PATH – Live @ Piraeus Club Academy


The band will be playing at the Piraeus Club Academy this April. Having
released their third album, “Crimson Wreath”, in mid 2021, which
received the title “Album of the year” by three magazines throughout
the world (KNACK Magazine – USA, Metal Pedia – Mexico, and Classic
Rock Bottom – USA), the Ivories will hit the stage with a complete set,
featuring songs off their latest release as well as their previous works.
This is actually going to be the “Crimson Wreath” live release.

Alongside ILLUSORY, two magnificent Greek bands, sharing the stage.
The Silent Wedding, the amazing lyrical progressive Metal band, whose latest
album, “Ego Path” is considered as one of the most interesting releases
last year. The bouquet is completed via opening act Fortis Ventus, a true
sensation in female fronted symphonic Metal and a setlist filled with
songs off their debut album “Vertalia”, also released last year.

April 8, 2023
Piraeus Club Academy, Athens, Greece

Live @ Metal Union – Agrinio

ILLUSORY live @ Metal Union – Agrinio along with The Silent Wedding

The two bands continue their joint appearances, this time in the city of Agrinio and the beloved Metal Union! They will be performing live material from all three of their albums, focusing on their latest releases, CRIMSON WREATH and EGO PATH, respectively.

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Live @ Skyland – Larissa

ILLUSORY live @ Skyland – Larissa along with The Silent Wedding and Human Genom

The two bands will play for the first time in the city of Larissa and will present live material from all three of their albums, focusing on their latest releases, EGO PATH and CRIMSON WREATH, respectively.

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Crimson Wreath” on vinyl!

It’s finally here! ILLUSORY’s brand new album is released on vinyl as well. The edition features a double vinyl gatefold package (180 grams – 12″), showcasing a real treat for the eyes and the ears. For those of you, who have always had a sweet tooth for such releases, feel free to order via our official Facebook page or Bandcamp page.

Shine on the Vinyls!

Live @ Under The Quarry Festival

September 11, 2022 – Live @ Under The Quarry Festival

The Ivories will return to the Under The Quarry Metal Fest.
It was 2017 when ILLUSORY were invited to participate and share the stage with a great number of even greater Greek bands. Five years later the boys are back, playing in a wonderful place and sharing the stage with many spending bands. ILLUSORY are elated about the festival and simply can’t wait to relive the feeling. See you all in September!

Live @ Hermoupolis Indie Rock Festival – Syros

August 6, 2022 – Live @ Hermoupolis Indie Rock Festival – Syros

ILLUSORY will perform on the second day of the 13 Indie Rock Festival, held in the wonderful island of Syros in Greece. Come Saturday August 6, the time will be live o’ clock for the Ivories and the amazing Greek bands sharing the stage. Yet, the festival starts on August 5, so you might want to watch both days. The boys are simply thrilled, as they will present the songs off their third album, “Crimson_Wreath“, live on stage.


It is with great pleasure to announce that in collaboration with Legions Fanzine team, our albums “The Ivory Tower” and “Crimson Wreath” will also be released on cassette tape, for the very first time ever! Each cassette release will feature 50 numbered copies.

Official release date is set for June 15.
You can all preorder your own copy by sending a message to ILLUSORY Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/IllusoryBand

Our sophomore album “Polysyllabic” will soon be released on cassette tape as well and make sure you stay tuned, because more announcements are on their way, always in collaboration with Legions Fanzine!

Shine On The Ivories!

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ILLUSORY: “Inside the Ivories’ Tower” Video Documentary

Started almost thirty years ago… Went through changes. And still happening. Three albums and a respectable number of live shows. At the end of the day, six guys and a wonderful journey.

Alexander Haritakis and SingLoud TV had an idea. Shooting everyday lives led by normal people, who become a music fellowship once entering their own studio, the iCave; their refuge, their hideaway, practically their second home.

ILLUSORY is actually a bunch of souls, creating songs whilst appreciating their own co-existence. It’s a heartfelt rockumentary about the past and the present of the future. How it all began, how it’s going, how it will be. And then, a simple phrase and a warm motto.

Shine On The Ivories!

Directed, shot and edited by Alexander Haritakis