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ILLUSORY interview at Attack From The Metal Planet radio show

Attack from the Metal Planet - MetalZone Radio Interview

The band will be interviewed by George Stavropoulos and Athina Poriki at the ATTACK FROM THE METAL PLANET radio show about the new album and future plans! The show is hosted by Metalzone.gr and the guys will be there this Saturday, November 12, 22:00 – 00:00 (Greek time)!

Tune in and Shine On!

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Polysyllabic is Released!

"POLYSYLLABIC" (2016) - 7hard Records
“POLYSYLLABIC” (2016) – 7hard Records

Dear all,

It’s November 11. The day has finally come! “Polysyllabic” is out! Our sophomore album hit the market today and it’s for all of you to listen to and give us your valuable feedback. The second ILLUSORY album is released via 7hard 7us Media Group and it contains 13 songs plus a little “surprise” for you. “Polysyllabic” is a Heavy Metal album, with Progressive edges and a certain sound, pointing to fresh, modern and classic Metal.

Polysyllabic” was recorded at ILLUSORY‘s own studio, the iCave, in Athens. Production, mixing and mastering took place at the Matrix Studio in Athens.

1. In The Beginning…
2. …A New Beginning
3. Bleak
4. Dreamshade
5. Odd-Y-Sea
6. Insangel
7. Polysyllabic Thoughts
8. Last Fallen Angel
9. The Eyes Of Hades
10. Solitary Nomad
11. One Sad Moment Of Existence
12. System’s Decay
13. Swan Song

The Band:
Dee Theodorou: Vocals
George Papantonis: Guitars
Gregory Bakos: Guitars
George Konstantakelos: Keyboards & Guitars
Niki Danos: Bass
Costas Koulis: Drums

Odd-Y-Sea (Official Lyric Video)

Produced by Yiannis Petroyiannis and Dee “K.man” Theodorou
Recorded and edited at the iCave Studio by Dee “K.man” Theodorou
Engineered by Dee “K.man” Theodorou and Yiannis Petroyiannis
Assistant Engineer: Marios Pavlou
Mixed and mastered by Yiannis Petroyiannis at the Matrix Studios
Art cover designed by Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris
Design / layout by Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris
Additional artwork for the Lyrics page and the Lyric Video by Manos Psakis
Photography by Emanon Photography

You can order your copy now at Amazon.com, iTunes and qobuz.
You can also purchase your copy via email order!

Shine On!

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ILLUSORY on air! Alpha Radio 98,9 – “VIE ZABOI” Radio Show

Alpha Radio Interview 2016

The day of release is gonna be busy as Polysyllabic! Not only is this the very day the new album will officially hit the market, not only is the band hosting their release party, they will be interviewed as well! The Ivories will be guesting the “VIE ZABOI” show on Alpha Radio Station 98,9 FM. Tune in, log in, get in the ring and listen to the boys talking about the new album, the live plans, the works! Save the date! Friday, November 11 @ 17.00 (Greek time). Shine On!

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Polysyllabic Release Party at Route 88, Thessaloniki

One release party is enough? No!
The boys will be in Thessaloniki to perform the first “Polysyllabic” show at Eightball Live Stage as part of Wreck Macedonia Fest 2016 on November 20. So, two days earlier – November 18 – they’ll have a second release party at Route88, Thessaloniki! Nikos Svarnias will be at the decks presenting the music of ILLUSORY’s sophomore album and more!
Merch, CDs and tickets for Wreck Macedonia Fest will be available at the party!

Mark the date and don’t forget to… Shine On!

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Polysyllabic Pre-Listening Session: Our thank you notes

It’s part of history now…
The journalists came, saw, listened to “Polysyllabic” in its entirety and they will leave their comments prior to their review, after receiving their promo copy of course. It was a pleasure and a true honor to have you, each and every one of you. Thank you for taking the time to visit us, to listen to the album, to be with us on that Sunday afternoon. We do hope you had a good time and we wish to see you soon at the Release Party on November 11 at The CROW CLUB. Many thanks to the Matrix Recording Studio Athens for their hospitality, our sound engineer and co-producer Yiannis Petroyiannis for being with us the whole time and our tireless photographer Emanon Photography for capturing the moments. We are all so grateful for your support.
Shine On!

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Polysyllabic Release Date

7hard Records announced the release of ILLUSORY‘s sophomore album, entitled “Polysyllabic“! This will take place on November 11!
Stay tuned and Shine On!

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ILLUSORY signed with 7hard Records!

Dear friends and supporters,
We are thrilled to inform you that our band has signed with 7us media group! Our sophomore album, “Polysyllabic“, will be released via 7hard! Please, stay tuned as more info will arrive soon. Thank you for your support, Shine On!

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Marios needs our HELP!

Marios from Thessaloniki, Greece, is about to be operated and he needs all the money, all the love, all the help he can get. Rockvelvet.gr is running a radiothon, in order to collect and all you have to do is say yes and make the difference. From our side we have joined this noble cause, along with the other bands from Greece, offering albums, DVDs and T-shirts for raising as much money as we can. You can order anything you want and let Rockvelvet.gr know about your choice. There is also an account held in Piraeus Bank, open for all those who want to contribute. Let’s try for the best and make our lil’ friend Marios shine on and on! A huge thank you to all of you, straight from the heart!

Piraeus Bank Account: GR02 0171 1730 0061 7313 7616 207 BIC: PIRBGRAA

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Polysyllabic is complete!

End of dream-ride and beginning of the very next one.
A very special message from the band follows up.

The “Polysyllabic” album is ready! After all these man-hours of creating, composing, recording and processing, our sophomore album is all wrapped up, waiting for its maiden voyage. A magnificent journey has come to its destination and now we are off to our next trip. The one in order to make this album get everywhere… all the way to anywhere! The Ivories, all the six of us, are purely ecstatic about “Polysyllabic”. We really put so much effort into it, we gave all our love and inspiration and knowledge and technique for this album, that we couldn’t help but get really emotional when we realized that it was all set and that there was nothing else left to do. Everything was fulfilled, everything was in place and order. Naturally we couldn’t have done all that without a little help from our friends. They came, they saw, they partook and they conquered out hearts and souls with their dedication; we feel we owe a lot to all of them. Each and every one of these amazing persons has contributed a great deal and the result of this contribution will be in your hands soon. Hats off to our companions for all these months! The Matrix Studios and our sound engineer and producer Yiannis Petroyiannis as well as our assistant sound engineer Marios Pavlou. Hats off to our guest musicians! George Eikosipentakis, Dimitris Giannakopoulos, Minas Notaras, Thimios Krikos, George Rallis, Alexandros Roumeliotis, Athanasios Lazarou, George Papadakis and the mighty VoiceBox aka Margarita Papadimitriou, Youla Gagadeli, Niki Laloutsi, Vassia Loi, Nefeli Beri, Antonia Despouli, Dimitra Kollia, Rodoula Zorba, Thanos Nikolopoulos, Lampros Papageorgiou, Stavros Zouliatis, Antonis Dimou, Romanos Papadimitriou, Nikos Tsachalinas. Hats off to our unbelievably amazing crew! Our artwork and cover art illustrator Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris, our photographer Emanon, our make-up artist Helena Theodorou. As we move towards our next challenge, as we walk down the path of delivering the goods, we only have one thing in mind. To make “Polysyllabic” reach all of you out there. The days ahead will be filled with our entrepreneurial moves, involving the album set-up, the label “technicalities” and the threshold to universal release. Another most interesting adventure, wouldn’t you think? We do hope we will have your full support on that one as well. In the meantime… Shine On! We will keep you fully posted. Polysyllabic is the word! Cheers from Dee, George, Greg, George, Niki and Costas!

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Between the hammer and the anvil, or else, between “Polysyllabic” and Wreck Athens Fest 2016 The band is finalizing their sophomore album, mixing and mastering is coming close to an end! Yet, rehearsing twice a week their set-list for the forthcoming Wreck Athens Fest live gig is not enough! Interviews are keep on coming! This time the band had the pleasure to answer a few questions to Hakos Pervanidis for TV WAR show hosted via MAD TV!

Click below to watch the video interview (only in Greek)

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