“ASHES II DUST” (Official Performance Video)

During editing, the idea just popped up. “One day we must revisit this material and make a performance video out of it”. The Ivories kept the thought. The “Ashes To Dust” video became a cinematic extravaganza, reaching nearly eighty thousand views.

Almost two and a half years later, ILLUSORY reopen the box and create this all-performance “bleu” video, as a goodbye and thank you to their most recent album, “Crimson Wreath”, whilst enjoying studio sessions for their next discographic attacks.

Director: Maria Chatzigianni aka M-Word
Cinematography – DOP: Markellos Plakitsis
Assistant Director – Kinesiology: Ioanna Korina Palaska
Wardrobe: Despina Chimona
Hair and Make-up: Elena Theodorou
Production Assistant: Kalliopi Karamani
Backstage Photographs: Cristina Alossi
The narrator: Grigoris Valtinos
The fable: Deedinos Theodorou