AfterNoiz / Π 314 – Polysyllabic Review

Although it took a while, the new ILLUSORY album finally arrived and the time has come to give it a listen, to see if my original enthusiasm, during the Pre-Listening session, would be confirmed. First, let me just say that I have expressed an equally good review regarding their first album (The Ivory Tower) and I was anxiously waiting to see how their Metal music creativity would evolve. “Polysyllabic” is a “full” album; it’s duration is around 73 minutes. Naturally, when you want to play HEAVY METAL, with all those ingredients which will make it unique and you succeed in doing so, time flies. I’m gonna set a few questions first and then proceed.
1) Would you like to listen to some dynamic METAL RIFFS?
2) Would you like to listen to some magnificent twin guitars?
3) Would you like to listen to some atmospheric metal moments?
4) Do you want enchanting vocals that will give you the chills, that will make you wanna learn the lyrics by heart and sing along?
5) Would you buy an album which contains all the above, which will leave you with the best feelings, one that you would love to take a magical Metal trip when listening to it?
Without exaggerating, I believe that ILLUSORY made all real and if you honestly are into HEAVY METAL, you must get that album! I would also recommend that those of you not so fanatic about Metal, should get it as well. It’s a special album. It’s a Greek band that, in my humble opinion, makes the difference on the genre. HEAVY METAL needs inspiration and ILLUSORY have shed a great deal of it on “Polysyllabic“. Not only my initial enthusiasm did get confirmed, it made come to the conclusion that “Polysyllabic” is amongst the best three albums I’ve listened to within 2016; the other two albums belong to Greek bands as well. A choir, a cello, acoustic guitars, amazing guitar inspiration, fantastic and magical keyboards, bass and drums enhancing the band’s sound and fabulous vocals. Dee, along with Stratis Steele (Endomain) are the best the Greek Metal scene has to offer in vocalists; all these create an album that you will enjoy to its last music note. There is no need to write for each song separately, there is no need to make any further analysis, all of the songs possess that certain “must”. As the minutes go by, till reaching the end of the album, the next song is even more fantastic than the previous one. Once you listen to the last note, you will feel magical and simply press repeat. We’ve got Greek bands with many active years and considerable discography, however ILLUSORY get the pole position with this album. Production is top notch; everything is in place in order to achieve this amazing sonic result. I have nothing to add here. I will just sit back and enjoy listening to “Polysyllabic” and I hope you indulge and listen to this fantastic work and enjoy MUSIC. Have a great listening!!!

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