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Live with The Silent Wedding & Rhodium: The Day After

Not for a second will we stop expressing our thanks and gratitude, especially on occasions like this one. Huge shout outs and thanks go out to YOU, who came and stayed with us, supporting the three bands performing. We do thank The Silent Wedding for the invitation and of course Rhodium for being there and warming up the venue. Naturally we would like to thank Temple club and its personnel for all the assistance and support.

The Ivories will be back soon, headlining Rainfest 2018 on October 12.
Bless you all, Shine On!

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LiVE with The Silent Wedding and Rhodium

The boys will return to the stages of Athens, participating at a truly breathtaking event. The Ivories will share the stage with longtime friends The Silent Wedding, a band that is also one of the leading forces of Greek Heavy Metal and Rhodium, a splendid fresh band, who have released a fantastic debut album. You are all invited to a night to remember at Temple in Athens.

See you there, Shine On!

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SummERTime 2018

SummERTime 2018 – Support is the Word

The Ivories have always supported and they will continue to support the Greek Music Scene. Following the last postponement, unfortunately, for reasons beyond all willingness and good intentions, the band will not be able to perform the night of September 3. Yet, most of the boys will be there, to support and enjoy the magic of music. We ask of you to support this wonderful event as well. The band will soon announce their new LiVE adventures.

This then… Shine On!

The band would like to thank Panos Chrisostomou for all his support

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ILLUSORY LiVE @ ΠΟΡΤΟΚΑΛΙ Café/Bar, Skala Atalantis

It was about time!
The Ivories will give a very special show on Saturday, August 25 at the ΠΟΡΤΟΚΑΛΙ Café/Bar in the region of Atalanti and you are all welcome to attend. Songs off their two albums, a generous taste from their third album (currently in the making) and a bunch of surprises. Bring your best Metal self in and Shine On!

Damage starts at 21:30
Opening Act: Tempest

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United We Stand – United We Can

ILLUSORYUnited We Stand and more importantly United We Can!

ILLUSORY are deeply affected and touched by all those people suffering due to the wildfires in the Eastern Attica region. Our follow Greeks need food, water, medicine and supplies. We can all show and give our support by offering what we can to “OLOI MAZI MPOROUME” foundation.

ILLUSORY will be there, tonight. Our most heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the people passed away.

OLOI MAZI MPOROUME: Poseidonos and Lokridos Str., Moschato

You can offer medicine (Fucidin και Betadine), swabs, dry food (toast, rusks, cookies), baby wipes and dippers. Alternatively you can go to the City Hall in Moschato (Korai Str. & St. Gerasimou) as well as the ground floor of the former Tavros City Hall (Peiraios & Eptalofou Str.)

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