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ILLUSORY about Warrel Dane’s loss

All of us in ILLUSORY would like to express our deepest sorrow for the loss of the great American singer. Warrel Dane, the voice of Sanctuary and Nevermore, that amazingly multi-talented creature from Seattle, is no longer with us, unfortunately. Sometime ago, almost two year ago, we had the pleasure and the honor to open for Warrel Dane’s acoustic show in Athens. Unfortunately, we didn’t hang out with him that night, however, we always were amongst the ones to enjoy his music, his songs; we always were amongst the ones who adored “Into The Mirror Black”.

Shine on, Warrel! For ever!

Official Announcement / Venue Change

ILLUSORY: Official announcement for the MODU issue – venue change

Dear friends and collaborators;
This is in fact the second part of the announcement which initially took place on December 10, 2017. ILLUSORY and their support team discussed the issue thoroughly and this announcement is the exact result of these discussions. The venue place will change. ILLUSORY fully understand all aspects, however, it is not possible to host the concert with Arrayan Path at MODU Club. The band wishes to set their position in complete clearness, without leaving the slightest doubt for these matters.

The new venue will be announced very soon and all relevant procedures will be done in the most proper ways. We do thank you for your understanding and we do apologize for any inconvenience which might occur.

Shine On!

Official Announcement!

ILLUSORY: Official announcement for the MODU venue issue

It came to the band’s attention today, December 10, 2017, via media, that a certain concert was held at the MODU venue, located in Athens, Greece (Kolonou 76 str), on December 1, 2017, featuring fascist regime bands. This specific venue has been announced as the host of the ILLUSORY / ARRAYAN PATH concert, scheduled for March 10, 2018. The ILLUSORY / ARRAYAN PATH concert was announced on November 5, 2017.

Concerning the incident occurred on December 1, 2017 and all respective published news and aspects about it, it is imperative to point out and make absolutely crystal clear that ILLUSORY are utterly, completely and fundamentally opposed to any form of racism, fascism and fanatic extremities in general. Furthermore, for this matter, the band reserves all their rights, awaiting MODU’s official statement.

ILLUSORY Live with Spitfire and Disharmony

ILLUSORY LiVE: Alongside Spitfire and Disharmony

The Ivories will be joining on stage the mighty multilayered band Disharmony as well as legendary Spitfire, one of the bands that actually led the way in Rock and Metal music in Greece through the years. Being pioneers in what they do, Spitfire have always been a vivid inspiration for every band entering the world of Rock/Metal in the land the gods. The boys are simply thrilled to share the stage with an utterly phenomenal group such as Disharmony and Spitfire, the ultimate cult band in the country. The gig @ Kyttaro Live Club will immensely prove that maximum quality results are achieved when maximum quality bands join forces. Come December 15, Kyttaro Live Club will feature three massive live acts and all fans attending should be ready for a night to remember and probably requested to repeat itself.

“Lead me on, my way” might be the most appropriate phrase to synopsize this grand gathering.

Be there and Shine On! Your way!

BLEAK – Official Music Video

In my BLEAK video, feel my sore!

ILLUSORY are thrilled to announce their second full length video “Bleak” off of their highly acclaimed new album “Polysyllabic“, released via 7Hard Records. “Bleak” is the fourth video for ILLUSORY, following “Dreamshade” (Official Music Video), “Odd-Y-Sea” (Official Lyric Video) and “Last Fallen Angel” (Official Audio Clip), essentially being the fifth single out of the “Polysyllabic” album – the band has also released “System’s Decay” as a digital single – which is available through retailers around the world as well as all popular streaming platforms. Video Shot, Produced and Directed by Alexander “Brain Gear” Orfanopoulos. It’s a black ‘n’ white performance video, filled with sweat and total thrilling Metal bolstering. Video was shot, directed and produced by Alexander “Brain Gear” Orfanopoulos at the Crow Club last July, featuring the band nailing the song to the very core. Alexander Orfanopoulos and “Brain Gear” are well-known for various projects regarding video shooting, FX and color upgrading. He’s done the video and artistic part for events the likes of “Star Wars Day” and “Lord Of The Rings Day” and he is a true fan of ILLUSORY’s music. Collaboration in general was no less than excellent and the result speaks for itself.

Shine On The Ivories!