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Something Vinyl Your Way Comes!

That is SO true, mighty inhabitants of a certain Technical Utopia! Our first two albums, “The Ivory Tower” and “Polysyllabic“, will be released on vinyl pretty soon! Production was set in stone and has already started; “Polysyllabic“, we might add, will be released as a double gatefold album. Nothing but the best for our friends and supporters. Should you be interested and wish to preorder, we are just one message away.

Place your orders on our Facebook page!

Thank you tons, Shine On vinyl!

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Let’s Rock Festival / Inofita

ILLUSORY LiVE: Let’s Rock Festival / Inofita 2019

Come September 7, the boys will invade Inofita. The Ivories have been invited by the mighty Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers Inofita. It will be a fantastic opportunity to get off the iCave Studio and perform whilst working on the third album. ILLUSORY would like to thank the festival organizers for the invitation and they do promise to make it a Metal on Friday, September 7!

Sincere thanks, Shine On!

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Experience The Power – Polysyllabic Review

ILLUSORY: “Polysyllabic” album reviews just won’t cease coming!

And that is quite the truth, ladies and gentlemen of The Ivory Tower environment! The boys have just received a totally positive feedback by “Experience The Power” fanzine. Although it’s been more than two years since its release, ILLUSORY’s sophomore album still gets attention and respective comments. The Ivories would like to express their sincere thanks to the author and promise that best is yet to come. Third album on the way. More details soon…

Shine On The Ivories!

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Overseeing The Operation

Words remain poor… descriptions and references will be made, however, feelings can not be expressed via keyboard buttons pressing and constant clicking… Feelings can only be expressed with emotions. The Ivories are simply thrilled. The band got to open for one of the greatest Metal-and-more icons of all time. Who would have thought that the boys would share the same stage with the one and only Geoff Tate one day? This is more than certain minds can withstand…

Naturally, in case like this, a list of thank-you’s is necessary. ILLUSORY are grateful to the people who created, assisted and made things happen during this last week. Huge thanks and shout outs go to Fairplay and Alex Politis, Dimitris Papandreou & the rest of the wonderful bunch, for trusting the boys to be part of this amazing event. Huge thanks also go to the fabulous ILLUSORY tech crew, Lefteris Kontos and Andreas Adamis, for taking care of almost everything as well as Andreas Giannopoulos for the sound arrangements on stage. Far and foremost, the band would like to thank all those who attended the show. The boys hope they fulfilled every “obligation” there is to fulfill in order to be an ideal warm up act. There’s more to come and it’s going to be all good and all Metal.

Thank you once again, Shine On!

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ILLUSORY: Revolution Calling

ILLUSORY: Revolution calling, Thursday Night, Geoff Tate

That is quite right, ladies and gentlemen, proud inhabitants of “The Ivory Tower”. Come Thursday February 14, the Ivories will share the stage with a living legend. The boys will be the opening act for Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime. Whilst GT will perform the entire Livecrime and some more at Gagarin205 Live Music Space, ILLUSORY will come out as the warm up bulldozer for the fans, the spectators, the crowd. The Ivories are tremendously overwhelmed, totally thrilled and deeply excited and these emotions will fill up their technique and unique musical appearance on stage. Maybe the lovers’ momentum but that Thursday night, Athens will simply become a power mad town. Stick around, be alert and come to the show.

We will open for the one and only Geoff Tate! Thank you so much for your support, Shine On!

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