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Polysyllabic Live – The Aftermath

Polysyllabic LiVE @ The Crow Club: The thoughts, the words, the thanks

Dearest friends and supporters,
Words are usually poor when it comes to describe a situation and in our case…
Well, they are almost shabby. We simply hope last Saturday night was as good for you all as it was for us in the band. We feel we owe you the world for dropping by, for staying with us, for listening and showing you’ve had a good time. We will keep that amazingly good spirit and generally blissed climate and we promise to do even better and bigger things next time. Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks and shout outs go to Galliard Syndrome, for making that night be so dynamic since minute one, Voice Box, who achieved boosting our songs, the ones they participated, sky high with their angel-like voices, The Crow Club, which is always beside us and with us, supporting every step we make, becoming a warm home for us and Andreas Giannopoulos, the sound extraordinaire, who managed to complete the toughest task with flying colors by coordinating all those people on stage. Our most “Polysyllabic” thanks go to you as well, for embracing us the way you did. We saw many familiar faces last night, yet we also saw many new ones, we saw the promise in your eyes, the promise for our next gigs.

Bless you all, Shine On!

Rocking – Polysyllabic Review

Mediterranean heavy/power temperament and proto-prog perception in an interesting local release.

A few months ago we were talking about Athenian (Greece) band ILLUSORY and their sophomore album and – with a minor delay – the time has come to elaborate on their newest work. The band has been active since the 90’s (under the name Ivory Tower), the name change was made in 2012 and it brought a breeze of renewal for the band; their debut album, “The Ivory Tower”, was actually a re-recording of their promo and it was full of promises for the future. Moving forward, the Greek heavy/power metallers present a total of thirteen songs, with their aura reminiscing the things that this specific sound was advocating in the 90’s. It’s overwhelmed with feelings and the structure, although consistent with their classic metal character, is flirting with protegenous Prog and their influences amalgam, from Iron Maiden to Savatage, to Jag Panzer and ancient Queensryche, drowning all eyes towards them. Naturealy, the first band that came to mind, listening to that material, was InnerWish of the “Silent Faces” period, due to their overall album sound and their composing structures and the Mediterranean air the album is breathing out. My aspect was strengthened by the guest appearance of George Eikosipentakis, InnerWish current singer, on “Polysyllabic”, amongst other (many) guests. Thus, intense melodies are in front, guitar work is by far not superfluous and the sound familiarity is winning on every experienced listener in the genre. Along with the participation of the vocal orchestra of Voice Box, which broadens the horizons of the album material, I think that we are dealing with their most complete work so far, either as The IVORY TOWER or ILLUSORY, with songs like “Odd-Y-Sea”, “System’s Decay” and ten-minute epic “Swan Song” standing out. Nevertheless, apart from the fact that we are facing a very remarkable work, some elements could be more improved. First things first, the album production is lacking volume and relevant dynamics, without being a poor one, not by any means. Since we are talking about terms and demands in 2017 and not the 90’s any more and stretching it all, I think that a bit more volume could better underline the riffing compositions of the band. In total, ILLUSORY’s newest proposal is not going to disappoint all those friends of good heavy/power, showing – for one more time – that this specific side of local music scene can steadily offer high level releases.

Press Overview and a Single is Out!

The Ivories are back with their first single…

Greek Metallers ILLUSORY have released their sophomore album “Polysyllabic” on November 11, 2016; the boys have been working hard for almost two years, creating the successor of their debut, “The Ivory Tower“. The band has teamed up with 7us Media Group and 7hard since last summer, in order to return with a might song bouquet. In the meantime the group has performed in a number of places in Greece, preparing the path for their future endeavors. Gathered up in their own studio, the iCave, the Ivories were composing, creating, adding and brainstorming. And when they opened the door with the final album version in their hands… It was all open season!

Containing thirteen songs (plus a surprise), with a total running time exceeding 78 minutes, ILLUSORY is following high standards in METAL discography, bolstering fresh melodies and sophisticated lyrics, becoming one of the new sensations in heavy music.

The band has already released “Odd-Y-Sea” (quite the pun of the year) as their first Official Lyric Video and “Last Fallen Angel” kept the pace as their first Official Audio, both taken off the new album. Reviews started to accumulate and the boys were thrilled to find out that all reviews coming from the press, Greek and international, were giving them scores 8 out of ten or even higher. German magazine “Legacy“, Greek magazine “Metal Hammer” and a bunch of well-known webzines were totally all over the new album and it’s showing.

Odd-Y-Sea” video link

Last Fallen Angel” video link

However, every good album needs an even better boost, in order to push through to new pairs of ears, new listeners, new frontiers. Thus, the release of the digital single “System’s Decay” will function as the band’s brand new ambassador, in terms of delivering ILLUSORY’s credentials throughout the Metal audiences.

Don’t miss the “Polysyllabic” Live show in Athens, coming to you on March 11 at the Crow Club.

System’s Decay” is about a futureal nightmare and the humanity’s struggle against its own creations. It’s a truly powerful tune; no wonder it was picked up as a single. Its very special artwork was created by the incredibly gifted Manos Psakis; this particular song will serve as a ferocious attraction and once you get to listen to it, you will simply request to listen to the whole “Polysyllabic” album. Speaking of which… this is a little something that the Press has expressed about ILLUSORY’s “second child”.

“The whole album maintains the sound of the band in each song and provides plenty of variety through powerful, lyrical and melodic parts. For every Iron Maiden, Edguy, Avantasia and/or Gamma Ray, Helloween etc. – fan is a must”!
Zephyr’s Odem

“What is most impressive is the really good technique of the band; the band is supporting their ideas and different styles which they introduce, composing-wise and tech-wise”.
Greek Rebels

“I believe that ILLUSORY made all real and if you honestly are into HEAVY METAL, you must get that album! I would also recommend that those of you not so fanatic about Metal, should get it as well. It’s a special album. It’s a Greek band that, in my humble opinion, makes the difference on the genre”.
Afternoiz / Π314

“The six gentlemen present an album, as a work, similar to their debut, completely innocent and fresh. Everything is smoothly ironed smooth to the last corner and a terms change is designed through. Those into traditional Power Metal will get a first-class album here”!
Legacy Μagazine

“Everything is well-played, the band has many interested things to say via its Heavy Metal”.

“The Ivories’ sophomore album is captivating. It grows within you, it’s giving you a new dimension, it spreads in your mind and takes control of you”.
Noizy Μagazine

“It’s an exceptional album, we all should pay attention to it and buy it; I consider it one of the best albums of 2016”.
Rock Overdose

“Polysyllabic is the strong step ahead by ILLUSORY, after their debut; it is showing their potential and it definitely is one of the best moments of Greek Metal for 2016”.

“I would say that the band from Athens is one of the most qualified in technique bands in the country. Yet they don’t miss a thing in aesthetic, atmosphere and attitude”.
Metal Hammer Greece

“System’s Decay” Single Release

ILLUSORY “System’s Decay
Single Release – digital download – Out on February 24

The Ivories are back with their first single!
The boys’ sophomore album, “Polysyllabic“, was released on November 11, 2016 via 7Hard / 7us Media Group and it already features an Official Lyric Video and an Official Audio Clip.
Press feedback has been amazing so far, however, every good album needs an even better boost, in order to push through to new pairs of ears, new listeners, new frontiers. Thus, the release of the digital single “System’s Decay” will function as the band’s brand new ambassador, in terms of delivering ILLUSORY’s credentials throughout the Metal audiences.

Feel free to indulge, listen to and Shine On!

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