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Dreamshade – Official Music Video @ TV WAR / MAD TV

Dear friends, supporters and cooperators,

It is with immense joy and boundless honor we present to you the first video for our sophomore album, “Polysyllabic“. Having released our first Official Lyric (Odd-Y-Sea) and Official Audio (Last Fallen Angel), this time we chose “Dreamshade“, which will be aired, for the very first time, during television Heavy Metal show TV WAR on MAD TV, on Sunday, April 30 at midnight.

We consider this particular video one of the most complete projects ever made in Greece; it’s a actually a short film, featuring a production equal – to say the least – to respective productions abroad. This video is the very artistic vision of director Maria Chatzigianni. Maria and her amazing team deeply astonished us when they first laid down their thoughts about “dressing up” our song. The final outcome is a true triumphant result for them.

The starring of our story is one of the greatest Greek actors ever. Dimitris Alexandris is a huge star, a theatre / cinema / television colossal actor and maybe the best of his generation. The hero of “Dreamshade” honored us with his unique presence and no words, not even thanks are enough to describe such a bliss. It is his very first appearance on a video during his illustrious career and the fact that he said yes to a Heavy Metal band means a lot. Especially since he’s also well-known for his careful and selective moves concerning such matters.

Yet, a video like that is most of all and above all a result of team work. In that manner, we would like to express our gratitude to all the actors that participated, Athanasios Lazarou on cello, the magical choir of Voice Box, the entire production team and all technical personnel, who made these two days of shooting, which lasted more than a whole week – trust us on that one – and made the dream come true.

Thank you so much! Shine On!

Dee Theodorou – Vocals
George Papantonis – Guitars
Greg Bakos – Guitars
George Konstantakelos – Keyboards
Niki Danos – Bass
Costas Koulis – Drums

Very Special Appearance by Dimitris Alexandris

Actors (in alphabetical order):
Deos Giannis, Gerodidakis Giorgos, Kamani Maria, Karamani Kalliopi, Linya Eldar Ioanna, Papadimitriou Tolis, Stefanouri Eleftheria, Tsana Lia, Voutsina Lina

Voice Box:
Antonia Despouli, Gioula Gagadeli, Nefeli Beri, Margarita Papadimitriou, Antonis Dimou, Romanos Papadimitriou, Nikos Tsachalinas

Cello by Athanasios Lazarou

Directed by Maria Chatzigianni aka M-word
Produced by M-word
D.O.P.: Efthymiou Michail aka M-word
Gimbal Operator: Markellos Plakitsis
2nd Camera: Vaios Roupis
Art Director: Nikos Argyriadis Tselepis
1st Assistant Director: Nikoleta Pantsidou
2nd Assistant Director: Eleftheria Stefanouri
2rd Assistant Director: Kalliopi Karamani
Behind the scenes video: Dimitris Trifonidis
Hair and Make-up: Helena Theodorou
Wardrobe by Costumier

Special thanks to: Tasos Panagiotopoulos and “EXIT NOW” escape rooms, the Municipality of Keratsini for “Kachramanoglou Industry“, Eleni Pairaktaridou, Minas Notaras, Theodor Martinis, Tony Venieris, Georgios Zachos & R-Stick Greece

Metal Temple – Polysyllabic Review

by Jess at 24 April 2017, 2:04 PM

ILLUSORY was born in Greece in 1992 under another alias IVORY TOWER, which stuck for many years, but as they found out the hard way, there was another band with the same name. So, they brainstormed and ILLUSORY stuck. In ode to the fallen alias their debut album as ILLUSORY was dubbed “The Ivory Tower” in 2013. They released their sophomore effort “Polysyllabic” in 2016. “Polysyllabic” comes in with 14 tracks and a listening time of an hour and 19 minutes.

The opening track “In The Beginning” is a soft orchestral instrumental. There are atmospheric elements riddle throughout this one and half minute piece. The drums sneak in softly and rise along with the guitars. This track is beautifully written and opens up the opportunity for amazing things to come. “A New Beginning“, track two, is your classic Heavy Metal track. The vocals are clean and littered with accent. His range is phenomenal. The guitars are skilled and impressive throughout. The solo is deeper and darker and the real beauty of the guitars comes scattered throughout the entire track. The drums keep the rhythm together nicely and the bass creates a depth that only enhances the track. Track four “Dreamshade” starts with an acoustic string performance. Then, there is an added choir. This track is riddled with Gothic love that almost teeters on Symphonic. At about a minute and 45 seconds in we get the overwhelming feeling things are about to take a turn. There is a deep guitar and bass interlude that increases the rhythm and gives a chunky intro to the power of Heavy Metal. The drums are amazing in this track. While they still aren’t blast beat rhythmic, they master some intricate changes. The bass is chunky and chugs along. Oh those riffs. The guitars are the epitome of what Classic Heavy Metal meets today’s Metal love is. The vocal range is powerful. It’s a classic. This is an easy listen and an even easier favorite. “Insangel“, track six, has an unforgettable intro. The fight that goes on between the guitars, bass, and drums create an immediate hook for the listener. While I feel like the rest of the track fails to compare to the beginning, the overall track is good. It’s fast and strong. Moving to an Alternative flare, track seven, “Polysyllabic Thoughts” comes in with a spoken piece and an almost hospital feel. It’s clean, but riddled with mental angst. It then blasts off into a fast and energetic track. The vocal range is phenomenal and the guitars show off beautifully, even when it’s not just their solo. They have an amazing way of plastering themselves throughout the track. The bass gets some additional love in this track keeping the track deep within its darkness, even in the lighter moments. “Solitary Nomad“, track ten, starts off deep and chunky. The track is entirely dark. It’s much darker than the rest of the album thus far, but they do keep true to their sound. This track isn’t completely original, but it is also not completely something we’ve heard before. It’s an interesting mix of uniqueness, especially the last two minutes, and some of the classics that came before. The guitars put on a show in this track, but that’s nothing new. They tend to have a very profound effect on each and every track.  The final track, “The Story” is almost composition like. The piano is soft as are the vocals. The vocal range is awe-inspiring. This track is so completely different than rest, but it shows the complete understanding of musical composition as well as the complete musicianship between this group. “The Story” is captivating.

ILLUSORY has an interesting work of art in “Polysyllabic“. The album breaks through genre walls to explore the beauty in all Metal. The vocals have a beautiful range, the bass is craftily written, the drums keep everything together but can also navigate rhythm changes masterfully, but the guitars utterly and completely steal the show. While the solos are written perfectly, it’s what’s within the rest of each track that really shows true talent. ILLUSORY will appeal to many-metal heads and I urge you to take a listen.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7


ILLUSORY Video Saga: all shot and ready to launch!

The band has launched two videos off the “Polysyllabic” album. “Odd-Y-Sea” was the Official Lyric and “Last Fallen Angel” the Official Audio. The time has come for the Official Music Video…

Following a full weekend of shooting, the Ivories are proud to present their visual story on… well… the title of the chosen one will be revealed soon… What ever betide…

RockFist – Polysyllabic Review

Greek band ILLUSORY have released their album entitled “Polysyllabic” through German label 7hard/7us Media Group. The album contains 13 songs and various guests from other Greek bands (Innerwish, Sunlight, etc.), as well as the Voice Box choir. By listening to the album and from the first moments of it, one can easily assume what is going to happen. “Polysyllabic” kicks off with the ideal intro “In The Beginning…“, which could be part of a movie soundtrack. Then enters the dynamic-riffy “…A New Beginning“, which is the best continuation of that intro. “Bleak“, “Dreamshade” and “Odd-Y-Sea” follow and these songs are my most favorite on the album. High freq vocals, characteristic vocal lines and full composition-wise. I caught myself singing these songs when I was waking up or during the day. “Odd-Y-Sea” is the Official Lyric Video off the album, being an exceptional piece of work. “Insangel” comes next; a song that lifts you off with its speed, its guitar riffs and killing drums! I really liked the “calmness” following the second chorus, where the guitar solo enters; it gave a special something to the song. “Polysyllabic Thoughts” … A song with effects, lots of changes, faster here, slower there… Maybe the song with the most epic ingredients yet the band seems to totally own it. “Last Fallen Angel“. I don’t think that there is anybody who will listen to it and won’t get stuck with the chorus or won’t bang his head to the grooving rhythms of the song. Next one is “The Eyes Of Hades“. It begins with an intro more than a minute long and at a point where one expects to listen to a song within the known composing paths of the band, you get hit by a special chorus with backing vocals a fan awaits to listen to. “Solitary Nomad” impressed me with the vast number of special melodies the band can use. At first I was not that intrigued and at the end I was far from disappointed. The song features some amazing melodies and parts that you listen to with a bit of nostalgia I would add. We are closing to the end of the album, with “One Sad Moment Of Existence” and “System’s Decay“. Songs that also carry the seal of ILLUSORY. Having listened to the album, you can identify the band by their composing style and characteristic sound. “Polysyllabic” ends with ten minute long “Swan Song“, which simply includes everything; it’s the ideal way to wrap up this album. Although the album is longer than 70 minutes, one can listen to it with big pleasure. It’s dominated by guitars, artful drumming and beautiful vocal lines. Production is fine, yet I’d rather listen to less treble and more drums. I’d say that ILLUSORY are one of the best Greek bands and deserve everyone’s attention and support.

Makis Kaponis

Metal Invader – Polysyllabic Review

Let me clarify something from the very beginning. ILLUSORY and more specifically George (Papantonis) are friends of mine. I only say this, just to set a point of honesty for all those reading the review. Lately, stating your opinion about a band that you are friends with tends to be prohibited. I have never been objective with friends or people I don’t know. You know what, Heavy Metal in Greece is a bit of a “village” thing and we seem to know each other more or less. Not that it mattes much, since we are paying for the live gigs tickets, the merch and the albums; since we are paying for them, we supposedly care more. In these hard times, I paid for the physical copy of the album, listened to it a number of times and decided to write a thing or two about it. ILLUSORY are moving forward, comparing this album with their (very good) debut. They keep their Maiden monomanias, their Queensryche/Savatage attitude, their multi-vocal motifs, their fine and melodic, European style (no, I’m not going to say europower) guitars and they compose with a distinctive way. Dee’s voice is one of those I really like, not just “for Greek singers”. He’s warm, solid, powerful and passionate, very much into the Dio mentality. They sound like less angry Symphony X but more lyrical; their songs are beautiful, with many ideas. Odd-Y-Sea is the hit of the album, with Bleak, Dreamshade, Last Fallen Angel (these acoustic passages reminded me of Rush from the Χanadu period; just for a second there and I mean it with good intentions), Solitary Nomad (you guys liked Brave New World, right? Me, too and I don’t hide, well done, you guys), The Eyes Of Hades (one of the best I think) or ten minute long Swan Song. I think this is one album the boys worked their butts off (with all things relevant to a recording procedure) and you can get that in terms of precision, structure etc., however the album needed a stronger production for the material to “breathe” better. I didn’t like the art cover, I believe that sound and cover (although the layout is beautiful) are critical factors the boys should take under consideration in the future. In general I consider the album as an exceptional musical attempt by a bunch of people that are musicians and fans (important) and those of you into this music, you better check them right now. We are only stating our opinion and we do that for every band we come across our way.