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The ART of ERT

ILLUSORY Live at ERT Sessions

That is quite right, ladies and gents, premiere landlords of The Ivory Tower. The band has performed a close-to-one-hour set at the ERT (Greek Radio and Television) headquarters in Athens, making all dreams resemble a Polysyllabic way of splendor. The Ivories have played a number of songs off their two albums during the “ERT Sessions By Rock Synanastrofes” radio show, portraying a rather sophisticated image, one beyond the ones you could possibly fathom. The show will be aired this Saturday, May 19, 17:00 (Greek Time), so all you have to do is tune in and Shine On!

By the way, the band featured a number of guests, which you all get to know to in due time.

Producer: Panos Chrisostomou
Sound Engineer: Kostis Giannakopoulos

Saturday, May 19, 17:00 (Greek Time)
Radio Frequency
: 103,7 fm
Web Radio Live Streaming

“BLEAK” is Black – In Spirit

That is quite the story, dear all!
The METAL thunder, “Bleak” from ILLUSORY‘s sophomore album “Polysyllabic” was chosen for a curated Spotify playlist “SPIRIT IN BLACK – The Ultimate Metal Selection” among the likes of Avantasia, GojiraDebauchery, UDO, Rhapsody Of Fire or Ektomorf! It is a huge honor for the Ivories and – just maybe – the first of many things to come. Those of you into Spotify, please click to the following link and feel the band’s sore in their BLEAK momentum, led by a colossal Shine On!

George Konstantakelos has stepped down

After thirteen amazing years of constant presence, album-making, live appearances, consistency and – above all – pure love for the Ivories, George Konstantakelos, our keyboardist, is no longer with us; he won’t be onboard for our music journeys to come… George, under the burden of numerous important obligations, could not find the time to remain an active member, the way he used to, the way he wanted to. Surely, we do not belong to the type of people who look forward to make mellow and maudlin announcements, however, in George’s case, it just can not be otherwise. He will always be a great friend, a superb musician and a truly marvelous person. We do thank him for all the things he gave us and did for us, we wish him nothing but the best for his future endeavors from our very hearts and we shall always be close to him.

To us… for the rest of us, George has never stepped down!

ILLUSORY & ARRAYAN PATH Live @ Remedy – The Aftermath

Words following the Greek/Cypriot attack…

Those who came, they simply lived it and now they know. When you want something so much and so bad, it will eventually happen, come hell or Metal water. A few months ago, when this project was getting conceived and started, it all seemed like two mountains high. It was tough but – do believe us on this one – when it got wrapped up last night, then we all understood it was totally worth it. Not many things to say… Just THANK YOU!

Huge thanks to Remedy for having us, Stathis and Irene and their magical team for believing is us and supporting the event all the way. Thanks to for their valuable help during pre-sales. Dionisis Christodoulatos was there, at the deck, for us throughout the day. Yianis Petroyiannis, our amazing producer, has come to make sure we got the sound we should during our performance. Tons of thanks to these gents as well. Our sincere thanks to Hakos Pervanidis for the DJ set, Metal Hammer and TV WAR.

As for Arrayan Path… The day we got to spend together will always stay deep in our hearts. Until we meet again, fine gentlemen!

Last but not least, thank you! All of you, who came and make Remedy fully packed. All the best, Shine On!

ILLUSORY on Prog Rock Pearls


A true musical manifest and probably the best Metal video clip ever shot in Greece, “Dreamshade” is the song chosen by 7hard for this very special compilation. Off their sophomore album, “Polysyllabic“, this is one to bind them all. The captivating intro, the cello, the choir, the riffs and the vox; a considerable reason to start listening to the Ivories or – in case you already live the Polysyllabic way – to indulge even more. Get to know more about the band inside a spectacular bouquet. All you have to do is click to the relevant link and Shine On!