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IMDb: Internet Movies Database

It probably is the biggest and most complete database in the world, regarding cinema, documentary and television. Over five million titles, more than nine million artists, directors and executives and eighty three million registered users! Operating as an Amazon subsidiary, IMDb is one solid platform for concrete information about the Seventh Art worldwide. You can imagine now how a band feels, which is trying to build a decent background and fanbase, that it’s mentioned in this magical pantheon. The Ivories, via their video on song “Dreamshade“, off their sophomore album entitled “Polysyllabic“, are now part of the greatest cinema encyclopedia. It is a huge pleasure and a special honor and it might be something entirely new for the Greek bands. “Dreamshade” video may one day be considered as the biggest production ever made in Greece for a Metal band and a Metal song. With Greek superstar actor Dimitris Alexandris leading the way, directed by this amazing artist answering the name Maria Chatzigianni and featuring a large number of incredibly talented as well as hard working actors and collaborators, “Dreamshade” has set new standards in video-making today and brand new methods of artistical expressions. ILLUSORY would like to give all the thanks in the world to all those people who contributed in what resulted to be a fabulous short movie. There’s more to come, for sure. It’s just the beginning, a NEW beginning (pun intended). Big thanks,

Shine On!

In A Bleak Of A Live


Yes, the very definition of a superb concert marathon! The Ivories will share the warm and totally hospitable Crow stage along with two fantastic bands, False Coda and Heavenblack, both superlative Metal forces in Greece. The boys will be taking sometime off their recording responsibilities, to perform old, new and surprising tunes. Make sure to be there and Shine On!

Saturday, December 1, 2018
Live starts at 22.00
The Crow Club: Sinopis 27, Athens


ILLUSORY: Headliners at Rainfest 2018

The Ivories have concluded their Summer Live gigs and are back with an Autumn vengeance. Following their Live appearance with The Silent Wedding & Rhodium, next stop will be headlining the Rainfest 2018 festival, which is running through its third year and it is hosted by Bums, in Athens. Setlist will consist of songs off the boys’ first two albums plus some unique surprises. The band is getting ready for their third album, totally respective their crowd though. Along with some amazing Greek bands, ILLUSORY will prove they are going over their best season… till the next one of course. Be there, be well, Shine On!

Friday, October 12, 2018 Bums | Akadimias 98-100, Athens | Doors open at 18.30

Live with The Silent Wedding & Rhodium: The Day After

Not for a second will we stop expressing our thanks and gratitude, especially on occasions like this one. Huge shout outs and thanks go out to YOU, who came and stayed with us, supporting the three bands performing. We do thank The Silent Wedding for the invitation and of course Rhodium for being there and warming up the venue. Naturally we would like to thank Temple club and its personnel for all the assistance and support.

The Ivories will be back soon, headlining Rainfest 2018 on October 12.
Bless you all, Shine On!


LiVE with The Silent Wedding and Rhodium

The boys will return to the stages of Athens, participating at a truly breathtaking event. The Ivories will share the stage with longtime friends The Silent Wedding, a band that is also one of the leading forces of Greek Heavy Metal and Rhodium, a splendid fresh band, who have released a fantastic debut album. You are all invited to a night to remember at Temple in Athens.

See you there, Shine On!