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Polysyllabic EPK is ready and launched!

The next chapter of the “Polysyllabic” saga is the first one! ILLUSORY shot an EPK prior to the album release, in order to further promote their sophomore album and the “brand new” video is finally here. Arranged and directed by Yannis Dolas for Rockpages TV, the video features the thoughts and aspects of the Ivories concerning the themes, vision and orientation of the album, both musically and lyrically as well as showing the band performing studiowise on “Insangel“. EPK shootings took place at the Matrix Studio, Athens, the very place the boys recorded, mixed and mastered “Polysyllabic“.

Fever, shiver, tension flies… and Shines On!

ILLUSORY @ Korythmos Rock Fest 2017

ILLUSORY will invade Korinthos and you found out about this one in here and here alone!

The Ivories will headline the Korythmos Rock Fest 2017 and the boys are really excited to play at what appears to be a fine place. Come Friday July 14, grab your gear, drive safely to the capital of Corinthia at the Municipal Stadium and join us for an hour of Polysyllabic – and more we might add – tunes, LiVE, alongside a bunch of tremendously enthusiastic bands.

Shine On!

Solitary Nomad: Guitar Playthrough

You have listened to “Polysyllabic” and you spotted a number of tunes. “Solitary Nomad” amongst them. Many Prog parts, a demanding songline and a rather tough guitar playing. ILLUSORY’s own Greg Bakos is giving away the riffing methods and the soloing techniques and you are all very welcome to watch and have a top view when it comes to how the song is progressing from head to toes.

Feel free to join us and witness a cool playthrough and – naturally – Shine On!

ILLUSORY goes FESTive: Under the Quarry Metal Fest II

Not a chance! The Ivories couldn’t possibly let Summer go away without a considerable amount of “Polysyllabic” shots. The boys will be part of this powerful event, playing the songs you love since last November and more. Tons of thanks to the organizers and the other amazing bands participating and – come August 26 – one more date with the fans. So, Summer’s here and the time is right for ILLUSORY under Quarry. Be there, have fun, Shine On!

ILLUSORY: “Join The Band” / “Back To The Future” collection by MetalZone

ILLUSORY: “Join The Band” cover on “Back To The Future” collection, released by MetalZone

The Ivories feel honored that MetalZone has chosen ILLUSORY to be part of this extravagant collection bouquet. “Join The Band”, originally released by Veto, was given to the boys a while ago and they studied, rehearsed, recorded (live) and reverted with a cover that will leave no one complaining. It was a beautiful task and The Six gentlemen felt really special. To cover a song from another era, to be able to transcend own emotions to a foreign tune and then realize it’s “one of your own now”…

The band states: “Sincere and most heartfelt thanks to MetalZone for giving us the opportunity to Shine On some more. We have deep respect and admiration for Heavy Metal, for the roots of the genre and all those bands and musicians who tried to support and promote it. A lot of thanks to all the bands participated on the collection. The Greek Metal Scene has become the grand Metal force of the world!”